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Devine takes command of the 14th Cavalry Group

February 2, 2011

Colonel Mark A. Devine Jr.

Colonel Mark A. Devine Jr. commanded the 14th Cavalry Group from May of 1944 until mid December 1944.  This photo was possibly taken at Fort Hood Texas were he was on the staff at the Tank Destroyer School.  While there he received orders to take command of the 14th Cavalry Group, then at Camp Maxey Texas.

Colonel Devine’s display of strict military discipline was not wholeheartedly accepted by members of his command.  Devine always insisted on his men, vehicles and equipment to be meticulously clean and did not permit officers to smoke while in the operations section of the group headquarters.  He also required civilian staff members working within his headquarters to stand up when he entered camp offices.

The purpose of the discipline and restrictions was to mold a firm basis of obedience and regulation within the command and to achieve the best military outfit possible.

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  1. Phil permalink
    July 5, 2012 11:42

    Nice piece of cavalry history.

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